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Friday, 28 Aug 2015

Avant T

Devoted to efficiency, ease of use, and high quality, Movcam presents the whole new professional camera stabilizer system--Avant T combining precious feedbacks from our customers with years of research and advanced technology. It is the remarkable representative product of Movcam development team. It stands for the new level for the broadcasting stabilizers.
Avant T satisfactorily fulfills the work requirements for film camera and HD Camera.

Perfect Dynamic Balance

Perfect dynamic balance is the core of excellent stabilizing system. Avant T impresses users with its extraordinary performance in dynamic balance. It enables the operators to capture any motion in any terrain.

Unique Mechanics Design

The mechanical rendition of the arm is interpreted differently by different companies. Supported and favored by many professional operators, Movcam advocates sensitive, smooth as well as forceful mechanical performance of the arm.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Avant T's flexibility is beyond imagination. It is largely a result of its modular design. Structurally, Avant T is more compatible than its precedents. It works with different cameras and accessories wonderfully, providing more options for future upgrading and maintenance.

Great Ease in Operation

Avant T is easy to adjust dynamic balance and is easy to maintain the balance in shooting. Precision gimbal allows smooth and quiet rotation the way operators desire. Its reversible arm rod makes both left hand and right hand operation possible and easy. The compatibility of Avant T promises addition of different accessories convenient and quick.

More Economical and More Practical

Every model in Avant Series is very economical but practical, to which Movcam is committed. Avant T is functionally versatile. Quick and easy pre-shooting preparation and smooth shooting can be perfectly achieved despite the shooting mode and camera types. The open design for Avant T facilitates its future upgrading in function and configuration.


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