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Friday, 04 Sep 2015
Camera Stabilizers Accessories
Thursday, 12 July 2012 04:30

fs700 shoulder rig

FS700 Accessories

Excellent accessory can improve the camera’s operation. It should be simple and practical without unnecessary attachment. Movcam meticulously developed this kit for Sony NEX-FS700 camera, which brings out more potential of the camera in different shootings.

  • Modular design, lightweight
  • Including standard 15mm LWS baseplate
  • Including shoulder pad for convenient shooting on shoulder
  • Completely compatible with 19mm system
  • Compatible with Movcam LDP (LWS dovetail sliding plate)
  • Easy setup with no requirement for any modification of the camera body  Obstruction-free operation after setup
  • Color: silver and black

FS700 shoulder rig,black version

FS700 Accessories,black version


fs700 shoulder rig

sony pmw-f3 support

Sony PMW-F3 has drawn great attention since its first appearance. It has super 35mm CMOS sensors and is expected to change the digital film shooting.
Movcam customizes the professional support especially for Sony PMW-F3 to bring out the advantages of the camera for better shooting result and efficiency on site.


  • Modular design
  • Including both 15mm and 19mm rod systems
  • Compatible with mattebox and follow focus of other brands
  • Unique top handle design for better balance
  • Special extension design for convenient add-on accessories
  • Easy setup, requiring no modification of the camera body
  • No obstruction in operation of keys and buttons after setup
  • Solid and reliable structure for perfect protection of the camera


sony pmw-f3 support

sony f3 camera support


sony f3 camera support -- focus hook

Focus hook


The patent for product appearance and structure is being processed. No counterfeiting is allowed.

Standard 0.8M pitch, compatible with follow focus of other brands

Battery bracket: broadcast standard, free angle adjustment

The angle adjustable vehicle mount is a tool for connecting arm and car. The post clamp size is 1.5” and 2.0”, clamp can be adjusted fore and aft angle 45°, the arm angle is adjustable. It’s optional for all Movcam systems and other brands

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