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Wednesday, 02 Sep 2015
Thursday, 12 July 2012 04:30

fs700 shoulder rig Featured

FS700 Accessories

Excellent accessory can improve the camera’s operation. It should be simple and practical without unnecessary attachment. Movcam meticulously developed this kit for Sony NEX-FS700 camera, which brings out more potential of the camera in different shootings.

  • Modular design, lightweight
  • Including standard 15mm LWS baseplate
  • Including shoulder pad for convenient shooting on shoulder
  • Completely compatible with 19mm system
  • Compatible with Movcam LDP (LWS dovetail sliding plate)
  • Easy setup with no requirement for any modification of the camera body  Obstruction-free operation after setup
  • Color: silver and black

FS700 shoulder rig,black version

FS700 Accessories,black version


fs700 shoulder rig


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