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Tuesday, 01 Sep 2015

HDSLR Rig Accessories (24)

Ideal choice for digital movie camera and HDSLR cameras
preset focus range with starting and finish points set at will,
filter holders 4 X 5.65", For digital movie cameras and HDSLR cameras
constant damping to ensure precise focus
This Base Plate is reliably structured and offers comprehensive functions.
Standard 4 x 4” size, compact, ideal for HDSLR and HDV
Shoulder pad: can be attached to mounting stage, L bracket and tripod as well
Z bracket: for 3 tubes in parallel setup and clear view
L bracket: can be fixed on shoulder pad to serve as a simple mounting stage
Anti-skid handgrip: simple and comfortable
Add-on bracket: size adjustable in accordance with different cameras to make the system compact
Monitor bracket: hotshoe-shape bottom, compatible with other ways of setup
Anti-skid handle: simple and comfortable
Battery bracket: broadcast standard, free angle adjustment  
Junction Box: separate part with its own switch and power indicator  
7” TFT LED(16:9) Monitor
Product name: Color TFT-LCDReceiver frequency district: 48.25 Mhz-863.25 MHz(can receive the additional channel)Screen size: 7 inches
Battery bracket: broadcast standard, free angle adjustment
Standard 0.8M pitch, compatible with follow focus of other brands


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