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Sunday, 06 Sep 2015

Matte Box MM-2

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filter holders 4 X 5.65", For digital movie cameras and HDSLR cameras

Flip open, compact mattebox
Standard filter holders 4 X 5.65, 4 X 4” optional
Maximum lens size 130mm
Lightweight material, modular design




Additional Info

  • Name: Matte Box MM-2
  • Code: 301-0202
  • Filter Type : 4x5.65 或4x4
  • 滤镜数/可旋转数: 2/1
  • 兼容最大镜头直径(mm): 130
  • Features: Flip open at bottom, easy to set up Main material: ABS + lightweight aluminum alloy, durable and light French Flag: Included


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