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Saturday, 29 Aug 2015

Studio configuration (Kit B)

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Studio configuration(Kit B): professional support for HDSLR/HDV cameras.

It combines focus, monitoring and weight-bearing features in one to provide professional support for HDSLR and HDV cameras. This configuration is an upgraded version of the basic configuration for general shooting.
Flip-open and compact matte box,
Standard 4x5.65”filter holder, 4x4”optional,
Lightweight, modular design,
Maximum lens size up to 130mm,
ABS + aluminum alloy sandblasted,
Precision follow focus, easy setup, synchronized turning with no play,
Free adjust of extension bracket
super precision mounting stage, scratch-proof, nonskid, quick lock,
ergonomic shoulder pad, free positioning to fit operator’s need;
including one SD monitor



Items in Kit B:

Items included in the standard package:


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