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Friday, 28 Aug 2015

Pro Max a

pro max a Camera Stabilizer

Movcam’s new definition of high-end camera stabilizer. It’s the leading rig in the industry.

This new model excels in balance. Its unique combination of bearings guarantees easy adjustment for static and dynamic balance and enables smoother operation. Both the mounting stage and the lower basement have wide range of adjustment to suit different cameras in achieving balance.

On shooting site the reliability of the equipment ensures that everything goes smoothly. For every Movcam rig, engineers pay great attention to quality from choice of material to structure design. Before putting them into market, Movcam stabilizers are tested repeatedly. In terms of electronics and circuit, multi-protection design safeguards its safety and reliability. What’s more, the central cable is specially design and contains 2 14awg wires that are for high end stabilizers.

Modular design helps operators deal with different shooting needs. Movcam provides all necessary accessories for different shooting purposes so that operators can choose their own combinations accordingly. Thus, they can also reduce the weight of the rig by taking off unnecessary parts to make shooting easier. Movcam takes into consideration of the compatibility of its products in modular design. For example, operator can change to 1.5” 2 –stage post if he chooses this lightweight post as optional. Its standard connector allows the optional iPMM (intelligent power manage module) on the lower basement for better management of power supply to prolong shooting time and learn about the battery condition.
New 2010 model of Pro-max A is compact in design, easy to maintain and clean. Two aluminum cases are included in the standard configuration for convenient transport.

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