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Monday, 31 Aug 2015

Purchase Guidance

If our name is new to you, you might wonder which one is the suitable rig for your camera and feel hard to make your choice.

To choose the right stabilizer for you or the company you work for, first you need to know which is the most used camera and the accessories for you or your company, the total weight of all this. Then, you can make a preliminary choice according to our description of load capacity for each model.
Please notice that for same load capacity, Movcam stabilizers might have different configurations and of course different prices. For example, some of Movcam rigs include HDSDI ports or are 24v supportive in the standard configuration while some rigs of the same load capacity don’t. Choose the model in accordance with your shooting requirement and budget. The functions can be upgraded on your rig in future when you need them.
If you need more information or purchase advice, please contact our dealers or us directly. We are happy to be of help.

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