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Levitra - a regulator of potency; medication to treat erectile dysfunction. Levitra is a highly effective drug for the treatment of sexual disorders in men. The drug competes well-known Viagra. Active component of Levitra - Vardenafil - a colorless solid, selective inhibitor of an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5). Pills generic levitra 40 mg release pharmaceutical companies in India. Manufacturers have achieved that in its proprietary drug discovery organically combines the latest achievements in pharmacology with centuries-old traditions of Indian herbal medicine. Indian generic levitra 40 mg on safety, reliability and efficiency in no way inferior brand "originals", and in some cases are better. Orange pill called Levitra joy give men the opportunity to correct many troubles in sexual life. This is true for those who have tried therapy with other drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. Penetrating into the man's body vardenafil - active substance dissolves quickly in the blood. Generic Levitra starts to act within 15-20 minutes and can be active in the body for up to 15 hours. Reasonable food and alcohol in reasonable quantities did not affect the action of the drug, the digestibility of the drug does not deteriorate. If the food is greasy, the effect of Levitra may start a little later, but delayed the drug in the body longer.

Dosing and recommended dosage

Relatively recently appeared on the pharmaceutical market Levitra already earned itself a positive steady reputation. Men noticed her strong effect on their sexual abilities. Generic Levitra 40 mg universally valid for the treatment of mild potency, and to help those who are shy to call themselves impotent. The age of patients for Levitra does not matter. Receiving one tablet is enough to most men immediately felt a surge of strength and willingness to have sex. Taking Levitra regularly, it is possible to reduce the dose by half, ie at a time to take poltabletki. As a result, does not decrease the potency and remains at the desired level. Many men attach great importance to the naturalness of the drug, spontaneous erection of course, undesirable. At this point do not worry, the action of Levitra starts only during sexual arousal. At the same time, and the effect of not disappear suddenly, and decreases gradually. Be sure to mention that men who took Levitra for a long time, confirm its environmental friendliness and lack of habituation.

Side effects of Levitra

Method of application and the recommended dosage according to the instructions, Levitra is taken orally inside, regardless of the meal, washed down with a glass of water pill, do not chew. The drug is taken 30-60 minutes before anticipated sexual intercourse once a day. Its effect will last for 6 hours, for this reason, even if the reception Levitra exercise 4-6 hours before sexual intercourse, during an erection will be strong enough.

According to some reviews, Levitra has the ability to cause persistent erection even for 8-10 hours. Instructions for Levitra recommends starting the drug with an initial dose of 10 mg. For men older than 65 years, as well as men with mild disorders of the liver and / or kidney disease starting dose is 5 mg, which, if necessary, and good endurance can be increased to 10 mg Zithromax Online. The maximum daily dose of Levitra should not exceed 20 mg. But in any case, before the application of Levitra you should consult with your doctor.