Promising Design

Pro-max A has very excellent performance ever since its first appearance. It has been used in film shooting and HD digital productions. Over the last 10 years since Pro max A came into the market, film making has come a long way from film to digital. Pro-Max A catches up with the latest development via technological upgrading and manufacturing.

Modular Design

Modular design enables the rig to face up with different shooting requirements. Operators could make their own configuration in accordance with their shooting due to the fact that each and every part is modular. They could reduce the weight of the rig if need be. Through modular design, Movcam offers good compatibility.

Pro MAX A - Sled

High Quality Module

Mounting Stage with Auto Quick Lock

Auto quick lock on the mounting stage offers easy setup of camera and better protects the camera while adjusting balance.

Supportive of Dual HDSDI

Dual HDSDI is a must for digital filming and HD productions. It’s essential for data storage, images transmission and 3D productions.

2” Carbon Fiber Post

Pro-Max A post is a 4-stage post of 2” carbon fiber It’s telescopic, with 760mm minimum and 1800mm maximum length. This post can do good job in different shooting easily.


The gimbal of Pro-Max A uses a special combination of bearings, which reduces completely gap … and makes it work more smoothly. It’s compatible with arms of other brands.

Wiring System

Multi-protection wiring is used in this sled. Together with selected electronic components, high load wire and connector, the wiring system of Pro-max A offers stable and reliable performance.

Base Kit

Base kit of Pro-max A can take from one to three batteries to suit shooting requirement and can greatly help with balancing.

Pro MAX A - Arm

Excellent Performance Comes from Solid Foundation

Spring Structure

Pro-Max A arm spring works more stable and smoother. It’s almost effortless when lifting up the arm or pushing it down.

Spring of titanium alloy

Quality titanium alloy is used to make the spring. It’s lightweight and has outstanding mechanical property.

High Loadcapacity

Pro-max A arm can take up to 28kgs(over 60lbs). It can work practically with all cameras.


The connection of the arm of Pro-max A is standard to be compatible with other brands

High-Strength Alloy Material

Alloy Aluminum of aerial grade is used for its lightweight, strength and high anti-fatigue capability. Its surface is hard anodized.

High-Strength Cover

The protect cover utilizes alloy material of high strength and impact-resistance for better protection

Pro MAX A - Vest

More Than Comfortable Increased Comfort

Increased Comfort

Movcam is the first to use air-chute on its vest to prevent sweat and increase heat dissipation. Lightweight and breathable fabric offers increased comfort and


The vest is compatible with arms of other brands.

High-Strength Structure

The structure of Pro-max A vest is optimized to offer more reliable and safer performance.

Safety Shoulder Pin

There is a quick-release safety pin on the shoulder of the vest. It’s a special design for easy wear and better safety.

Quick-release Pin

All buckles on the vest are of high standard. Among which, the quick-release buckle is of military grade. It’s reliable and easy to adjust.

Lightweight and High-Strength Material

The materials utilized on the vest are all of high quality, including aerial alloy aluminum, sponge padding, and textile materials.

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