Movcam's range of single, dual and 3-axis lens control systems offer robust wireless performance for total "FIZ" control over cinema lenses. One-touch calibration makes setup a breeze, and the intuitive SCU-1 and MCS-1 controllers give you complete control over your lens system.

Single and dual axis kits are upgradeable by adding additional motors, control units and the MCS-1 touchscreen remote control.



Composed of high-grade carbon fibre and sturdy ABS, Movcam's matteboxes are designed to offer you complete control over the light hitting your lens.

Each of our models are lightweight, rugged, and feature filter trays to allow you to mount professional ND, polariser or creative filters.




Movcam's origins are in professional stabilizer camera systems, so it's no surprise we're a global leader in this area.

With a focus on ergonomics, our systems are designed to provide comfortable and non-fatiguing stabilised control for professional camera operators.


Our range of professional camera accessories includes cages, handles, supports, baseplates, rails, battery interfaces and much more, for cameras ranging from mirrorless and DSLR style, all the way to cinema cameras from Arri, Canon and RED.