Reliable Camera Stabilizer


With its outstanding performance and perfect balance, PRO Max A has been a prominent player in the fields of film and high-definition digital program production.

Over the past decade, as the film industry transitioned from the era of film to the current digital age, ProMAX A has evolved in tandem, actively undergoing technological upgrades and continually enhancing its manufacturing processes.


Operates more stably with smoother spring performance, requiring minimal force for both lifting and lowering during shooting.

6-Titanium Alloy Springs Structure

Utilizes high-quality titanium alloy springs, known for their lightweight, high strength, and excellent mechanical properties.

The shock-absorbing arm’s interface follows standard specifications, perfectly compatible with stabilizers from other brands.

max load
Dying to Survive


possesses strong advantages in balance adaptability.

– Automatic Locking Stage
Equipped with an automatic locking design, the gimbal facilitates easy installation and removal of the camera while ensuring safer balance adjustments.

– Dual HDSDI Support

Dual HDSDI is essential for digital filmmaking and high-definition program production, serving as the foundation for data storage, image transmission, and 3D program production.

– High-Precision Gimbal

The unique combination bearing design eliminates gaps in the up-and-down movement of the balance bar, ensuring smoother operation and compatibility with shock absorbers from other brands.

– 2-Inch Carbon Fiber Rods

The 2-inch, 4-section carbon fiber main rod with a unique anti-rotation structure can achieve lengths from 760mm to 1800mm.


Introduces a humanized design with a new anti-sweat groove, significantly improving the dissipation of body heat. The use of ultra-light, mesh breathable fabric enhances comfort, scientifically distributing pressure to various parts of the body, relieving pressure on the spine, and better adapting to the photographer’s physique.

Designed for compatibility, allowing use with spring arms of other models or brands.

– Quick-Release Safety Buckle
The buckles used on the vest meet high standards, with the quick-release safety buckle being military-grade, ensuring safety, reliability, and easy adjustment.

-Lightweight High-Strength Materials
The materials used in the vest, from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy to padding sponge and textile materials, are characterized by their lightweight and high strength.