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Movcam Alexa Mini Base Kit #303-2800


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The Movcam Base Kit for Alexa Mini is a modular camera rig designed for the ARRI Alexa Mini that adds essential mounting points, accessory support, and a V-Mount battery distribution box. To construct a camera cage, the kit includes two adapter plates (for top and bottom) and two side arms that features ARRI standard rosettes and accessory mounting threads. A quick-release baseplate is included that lets you mount the entire rig onto an ARRI standard dovetail, while also providing 15mm LWS rod ports.

Attaching to the top of the cage is a top handle and a 15mm rod clamp, with the latter supporting a pair of included 8″ rods and an included EVF mounting bracket. To power the Alexa Mini, the kit includes a power distribution box with a V-Mount battery plate. In addition to an integrated power output cable to connect to the camera, the box also features four regulated power outputs, while the battery plate itself provides two D-tap outputs. The distribution box attaches the top and bottom adapter plates of the cage via included mounting brackets. Completing the kit are two pairs of 8″ long 15mm rods.

Movcam Universal Quick Release Base Plate
The Universal Quick Release Base Plate from Movcam is a baseplate compatible with Arri BP8 and Arri BP9 Bridgeplates.

Movcam 15mm Aluminum Rod – 8″ Long
The 15mm Aluminum Rod – 8″ (203.2mm) Long from Movcam is a single rod made of aluminum and is 8″ (203.2mm) in length.






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