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Movcam Distribution box #303-3902-AB


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The AB mount Distributor Box for Sony FX9 from Movcam features both a AB mount plate and a 4-pin XLR port for powering the camera. Either can be used, as you find most appropriate. Attaching to the back of the camera, the Distributor Box delivers 19.5V to the camera. The XLR port delivers 19.5V directly. When using a AB mount battery, the battery’s output is converted to 19.5V.

This AB mount version of the Distributor Box offers four 12V D-Tap ports, two of them on the battery plate and two on the distribution box. The distribution box also has two 2-pin LEMO 14.4V ports and the above-mentioned 4-pin XLR input, which is on the bottom rear of the unit, right under the battery plate.






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