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Movcam Equitment Cart #105-9005


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The camera cart serves as a hub for the directors and DP’s camera department, where you keep your load of equipment in one place.
.A well-built CNC aluminum construction has a massive payload capacity.
.The Movcam Equitment cart is designed for the convenience of professional videomakers, filmmakers, and photographers.
.Within a few minutes, it collapses into a flight-ready compact suitcase for traveling.
.The cart is tool-free and quickly assembles and disassembles with no issues.
.Rosette knobs are included, which are easily operable from the top.
.Firm wheels ensure your multi-purpose camera cart remains light and smooth while strolling.
.Wheels are attached to the cart via a dovetail and secured with a ratchet lock for quick assembly.
.Another set have rigid caster to offer smooth movement and to keep your functionality intact.
.One set of wheels comes with a 360° swivel caster and a swift foot brake.
.It will make your life a lot easier and happier by not letting you carry your heavy equipment.
.The cart is an ideal choice for your studios and outdoor locations. It is something to take wherever you go for a shoot.
.The shelves are carpeted with a mat to keep your camera equipment scratch-free and noise-free.
.The comfortable and ergonomic handles are given for a solid and comfortable hold.


重量 76 公斤
尺寸 111 × 70 × 38 厘米




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