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Movcam MCS-2 Base kit (3-Axis Lens Control System ) #50105


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.MCS-2 is a multi -function wireless lens controller designed on the requirements of film production.
.MCS-2 keeps up to with the modern times, also providing reliable support for XR\VP virtual production.
.MCS-2 has pre-marked lens focus rings, and pre-set lens data, in addition to function for adding and editing new lens data. The preset lens ring is an
important tool for improving efficiency in the field.
.MCS-2 consists of 3 individual modules of focus, iris and zoom. Each module controls its corresponding motor. They can work individually or in combination
with the other modules.
.The MCS-2 screen is a 3.2”, high-brightness, high-contrast transflective capacitive touch screen, readable in sunlight, low power consuming, full-view.
Lens data and camera parameter are all displayed clearly. It can work in extreme environments of low temperature. Operating temperature is from -25°C~50°C.
(storage temperature is between -35°C~60°C).
.The control panel uses reliable and enhanced gorilla glass.
.MCS-2 Micro-power joystick is of weapons-grade built quality for better control.
.MCS-2 can be either automatically or manually calibrated. It has A and B limits points for easy adjustment of motor torque. Depth of field is automatically
.MCS-2 supports RUN/STOP control on most cameras. It also Supports parameter adjustment, playback on cameras.
.MCS-2 can control broadcasting ENG lenses, and lens servos, such as Canon, Fujinon and Angenieux.






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