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Movcam Odyssey 7Q Extension Bracket #306-0218


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Rig up your Odyssey monitor recorder with the Movcam Standard Bracket. Attaching to the back of the Odyssey 7Q, the Standard Bracket has various 1/4″-20-threaded mounting points for mounting other accessories. On the rear of the bracket is a secure point for attaching a V-mount or Gold-mount battery plate. Two rosette attachments are included for either mounting the monitor to a larger rig or attaching handles to the Odyssey for a mobile director’s monitor configuration. The bracket itself is ventilated to keep the Odyssey monitor cool during long shoots.

.Mounting threads for standard battery plates
.Manufactured from high-grade aluminum
.Two rosette connectors included for mounting accessories
.Multiple 1/4″-20 female threads
.Venting space






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