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Movcam UM-4 Motor #50105-2-02


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The UM-4 is Movcam latest small, lightweight daisy-chain motor. But it is powerful drive and precision control can match any other brand of the same level.
Smaller, lighter and Stronger The UM-4 motor itself weighs 150g. It features quietness, high-speed, precision and strong torque to suit lens of different torque. Combined with UM-5 or MSR-1 receiver, it can also control broadcast ENG lens or lens servos such as Canon, Fujinon and Angenieux.
Daisy-chain connection. UM-4 can also connect to UM-5 to reduce complex cables to achieve easy use at work. Besides, UM-4 is compatible with MBUS devices such as range finding device and Run/Stop cable.
Compatible with both 15mm and 19mm systems. Suitable for any camera accessories with 15mm and 19mm rods.






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