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Movcam Universal Shoulder Kit #303-1131


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The Movcam Universal Shoulder Kit is compatible with the universal LWS base plate system (sold separately) and can be used with the Sony F5 / F55 and FS700 / FS7 and Canon C100 / 300 / 500 cameras. The shoulder kit includes the Movcam 9″ universal LWS mini dovetail plate, quick release block, universal shoulder pad, long rosette adapter, and a pair of anti-skid contoured hand grips and rosette offset adapters. When assembled, the kit allows you to carry a compatible camera attached to the universal lightweight baseplate (not included) in a shoulder-mount configuration. Movcam Universal LWS Dovetail Plate
The Movcam Universal LWS Dovetail Plate is a baseplate compatible with Arri BP8 and Arri BP9 Bridgeplates.

Movcam Quick Release Block for Universal Shoulder Kit
This Quick Release Block from Movcam is included with their Universal Shoulder Kit and is sold here as a spare or replacement part. It allows the Universal Shoulder Pad to be quickly detached from the Universal Dovetail Plate.

Movcam Universal Shoulder Pad for Sony F5/F55 Camera
The Universal Shoulder Pad from Movcam is designed to be used with the Sony F5/F55 camera.

Movcam Anti-Skid Handgrip
Get a sure grip on your rig with this Movcam Anti-Skid Handgrip. The grip area on this handgrip has a contoured, dimpled rubber surface for comfortable holding, and features a rosette mount for locking onto your rig.

Movcam Rosette Offset Adapter
The Offset Rosette Adapter from Movcam is designed to adjust the position of a rosette socket when it creates a clearance issue. For example, if a handgrip with a rosette connector blocks vital components of the camera body or other accessories, the adapter will permit the user to reposition the rosette connection alleviating interference issues.






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